Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is responsible for finance, human resources, information technology, risk management, the Lake Piru Recreation Area, and general administration of the District.  The Finance Division is responsible for all financial matters and activities for the District including accounting, budgeting, accounts receivable and payable, investments, payroll, financial analysis, and financial reporting.  The Administrative Divisiion oversees the management of the administrative office and staff, Board of Directors meetings, information technology, human resources, and risk management.  The Recreation Division is responsible for the Lake Piru Recreation Area including camping, boating and day use activities as well as providing oversight of the recreation concessionaire contract.  Contact:

Administrative Division

Anthony Emmert - Assistant General Manager 

Bob Siemak - Assistant General Manager

Christy Ramirez - Executive Coordinator

Eva Ibarra - Administrative Assistant

Kris Sofley - Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board

Mike Ellis - Chief Operations Officer

Ofelia Leon - Human Resources Administrator

Zachary Plummer - IT Administrator


Finance Division

Beatriz Jimenez - Accountant I

Erin Gorospe - Senior Accountant

Karina Calderon - Accountant I

Robert Rocha - Accountant I (Groundwater Statements)

Steve Trocino - Senior Accountant