Operations & Maintenance

The O&M Department is responsible for operating and maintaining the District's water resource facilities including Lake Piru's water system, Santa Felicia Dam and Hydro Plant, the Piru Diversion and Spreading Grounds, the Freeman Diversion, the Saticoy and El Rio Spreading Grounds, the Oxnard-Hueneme Drinking Water System, the PTP Agricultural Irrigation System, the Pleasant Valley Pipeline and the Saticoy Groundwater Storage Management Project.  Contact:


El Rio

John Carman - Chief Water Treatment Operator - El Rio

Brian Collins - Supervising Instrument & Electrical - El Rio

Adrian Aguayo - Facilities Maintenance Worker - El Rio

Andy Camposagrado - Insrument & Electrical Technican - El Rio

Randy Castaneda - Sr. Water Treatment Operator - El Rio

Steven Kadowaki - Water Treatment Operator II - El Rio

Anders Selim - Instrument & Electrical Technician - El Rio

Ruben Sanchez - Water Treatment Operator III - El Rio



Chris Hendricks - Lead Recharge O&M Worker - Saticoy

Kelly Johnson - Recharge O&M Worker II - Saticoy

Jeffrey N. Lowe - Recharge O&M Worker I - Saticoy

Genaro Rios, Facilities Maintenance Worker - Saticoy

Bryan Schaffer - Recharge O&M Worker I - Saticoy

Peter Cervantez - Recharge O&M Worker II - Saticoy



Santa Felicia Dam

Greg DeJarnette - Santa Felicia Dam Operator - SFD

Raymond Avila, Jr. - Recharge O&M Worker I - SFD

Nathan Liu - Recharge O&M Worker I - SFD

Julian Meraz - Facilities Maintenance Worker - SFD


Park & Recreation Division (Lake Piru Recreation Area)

Clayton Strahan - Senior Park Services Officer

Kurt White - Park Services Officer

Jefferson Barstad - Park Services Officer