Water Resources Department

seawater intrusion schematic

The Water Resources Department is responsible for providing hydrogeological expertise to assist the District in managing groundwater resources.  The department performs water level measurements and water quality sampling and analysis on hundreds of wells each year, maintains and updates the regional groundwater flow model, performs field investigations to improve the District's understanding of the controls on groundwater flow, evaluates the impacts of groundwater utilization and conservation options on resource availability and serves as an in-house resource on groundwater supply, water quality, and water resource management. Contact:



Dan Detmer, PG, CHG - Supervising Hydrogeologist

John Lindquist, PG, CHG - Senior Hydrogeologist

Kathleen Kuepper, PG, Assistant Hydrogeologist

Eric Elliott - Staff Hydrogeologist

Groundwater Modeling

Jason Sun, PhD, PE - Senior Hydrogeologist/Modeler

Zachary Hanson, PhD - Assistant Hydrogeologist


Murray McEachron - Senior Hydrologist

Bram Sercu, PhD - Hydrologist

Field Technician

Robert Marshall - Water Resources Technician