Katherine Ayres, Ph.D.


Senior Ecologist

United Water Conservation District 106 N 8th Street
Santa Paula
(805) 317 8996
(805) 525-2661

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Katherine Ayres – Senior Ecologist

Katherine Ayres joined the District in 2016, and currently serves as Senior Ecologist and the supervisor for the Environmental Planning and Conservation Department. Katherine holds a Ph.D. in Biology specializing in Physiological Ecology and Animal Behavior from the University of Washington (UW), and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology from Pomona College. During her career with the District, Katherine has served in many capacities. She has served as the lead for the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan and the Quagga Mussel Monitoring and Control Plan, contributed to the Districts efforts on a wide range of water resource management issues, and administrated a wide range of compliance activities under federal, state, and local environmental authorizations for District activities. Katherine strives to represent the District’s interests in addressing environmental matters in an environmentally responsible manner that maximizes the District’s ability to achieve its water resource management goals.