Ventura Water Wise Gardening

novcwaterwise42Concerns about fresh and recycled water supplies as well as regional watering restrictions have led increasing numbers of Ventura County residents to take steps to maintain more water-efficient landscaping. Selecting plants that are native to Southern California and therefore accustomed to local annual rainfall cycles creates a beautiful and healthy ecosystem while helping to address water supply issues.

Rules of "green" thumb:

  • Pay attention to climate and local conditions and choose plants accordingly.
  • Conserve water and other resources.
  • Feature native and Mediterranean plants.
  • Provide wildlife habitat.
  • Soil is an essential living element, the foundation for a healthy watershed
  • Reuse plant trimmings through mulching and composting.
  • Choose least-toxic pest control methods.
  • Use natural pest control methods and organic fertilizers or compost. If they must be used, read and follow pesticide and fertilizer instruction labels carefully to avoid the release of excess chemicals into our watersheds.


United Water Conservation District (United) believes in the importance of education as a component of our overall mission to manage, protect, conserve and enhance the region's water supply. Throughout the year, United hosts tours and makes appearances at speaking events to let our community learn more about what we do.  To schedule a tour or to inquire on water conservation educational materials click here.

For more information on the water recharge cycle please visit this USGS page.

We also realize that local educators and children may want to learn more about the Water Cycle, Water Conservation and Habitat Conservation as it applies to our area. We have compiled a short list of links to help with that.


This guide put out by the National Association of Conservation Districts has projects, study guides and lists of pertinent reading material for grades K-5.

Water facts, resources, and links to projects geared at school age children.

Grades K-8, enjoy these puzzles, games and learn about groundwater.

Print out this fun placemat and learn about the water cycle.