Quagga Mussel Workshop August 13, 2015

View the videos from the Quagga Mussel Workshop!

Also watch "Don't Move a Mussel," the informative video from Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission that was screened at the Workshop.

Workshop Purpose - The purpose of the workshop is to inform and engage local constituencies in comprehensive quagga mussel prevention, as well as the control and monitoring program for Lake Piru and adjacent water bodies.

Target Audience - General public, news media, community leaders, natural resource professionals, recreation industry, sportsman groups, water industry professionals, private land owners, local government, State and Federal agencies.

Workshop Outcome - Development of a stakeholder community and implementation of quagga mussel prevention, control, and monitoring program for Lake Piru and adjacent water bodies.  This workshop will lay the groundwork to develop an action plan and framework for moving forward to address the quagga mussel issue in the region.  Participants should note that this is a "workshop" and that participants will gain the most value if they are actively involved in the afternoon workshop session.