Freeman Diversion

rcfreeman37The Freeman Diversion Facility was constructed in 1991 to divert Santa Clara River flow to enhance recharge of local groundwater supplies underground pools that have been breached by seawater. The facility is comprised of a concrete dam, a fish ladder, a screened fishbay, a downstream migrant trap, various canals and spreading grounds.


Fish Passage Review Panel


Fish Passage Facility

rcladder38The concrete diversion dam is a barrier to steelhead and other aquatic species attempting to migrate upstream, so the fish ladder was constructed in an attempt to allow unimpeded migration through the facility. The screened fishbay is located directly downstream of where flow enters the facility and its function is to keep fish out of the canals and spreading grounds and to direct fish to the downstream migrant trap or back to the river. Located at the end of the fishbay is a fish bypass pipe that can be used to direct fish back to the river when there is sufficient flow to allow for migration to the estuary.


Two adult fish were captured on video traversing the Freeman Diversion fish ladder on April 15-16, 2012


Steelhead Presentation (March 1, 2009)

Scientific and Historical Accounts - Volume I


Monitoring Reports